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1.    Application


To register your brand as a trade mark, you must first file an application with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ). IPONZ will examine the application to ensure it meets all legal requirements. This process can be daunting and getting it right first time is important - once an application is submitted, you cannot add to it.


Trade Mark Zone manages the entire trade mark process. By using Trade Mark Zone you receive the benefit of advice from intellectual property professionals, ensuring you get it right first time. 


First, we:

• prepare your trade mark application and provide assistance, including with classifying your goods and services; 

• file your application with IPONZ and forward you a copy of the Filing Receipt.


After examination:

• where there are objections, we forward a copy of the Compliance Report with a brief summary of the issues; or

• where there are no objections, inform you of the acceptance of the mark.


After acceptance of the mark, we:

• Monitor the application through the advertisement and opposition period


Once IPONZ registers the mark, we:

 Check and forward the official Certificate of Registration.


After registration, where we remain as your agent, we provide the following services:

• We will remind you when it is time to renew your mark; and

• We will inform you if anyone challenges to your mark.


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 2. Search


Trade Mark Zone recommends that before you apply for your trade mark, we undertake a search so you can be certain no identical or similar trade marks already exist. Where you plan to file for your trade mark overseas, we recommend an International Search. Please  contact us for more information.

Trade Mark Zone can conduct this search for you. Please allow up to 7 business days for results. TMZ provides the following searches:


BASIC New Zealand Search: NZ$900 per trade mark in up to 3 classes


Trade Mark Zone will conduct a search of the New Zealand Trade Marks Register for identical or similar trade marks for goods and services identical or similar to those you provide. We then then provide a detailed report informing you whether someone else has registered or has applied to register an identical or similar trade mark in New Zealand.

In addition, Trade Mark Zone will classify your goods and services and let you know whether your trade mark is likely to face any distinctiveness issues (i.e. whether it is too generic).


FULL New Zealand search: NZ$1,500 per trade mark in up to 3 classes


The FULL search is more comprehensive. In addition to the services provided under the BASIC Search, we will also conduct a comprehensive search of the New Zealand Companies Register, the New Zealand telephone directories, top level and New Zealand domain names and the Internet, in order to find traders who may not have necessarily registered their trade mark. 


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