TRADEMARKZONE's prices offer exceptional value.

We operate an upfront flat fee structure so that you know what you get and what it costs before you start. Our prices are not "per hour" or "per class", so you'll be able to budget accordingly.

The prices below are "per trade mark" except where stated.  For New Zealand clients, please note that GST will be added to the prices below. Clients outside New Zealand do not pay GST.

Basic New Zealand Search                                                               


Full New Zealand Search                                                             


Basic International Search                                                    


Global Navigator® Search                                                                           


Trade Mark Application                                               


Plus IPONZ fee per class                                             


Trade Mark Reminder                                          


Trade Mark Renewal                                                    NZ$200

Plus IPONZ fee per class                                           


Trade Mark Monitoring  - New Zealand                  NZ$350

Trade Mark Monitoring - Worldwide                                          NZ$1,500

Change of Owner                                                         NZ$100

Change of Address                                                   NZ$45  

Cancellation of Classes or Goods or Services       NZ$100

Cancellation of Trade Mark                                     NZ$100

Addition of Classes                                        NZ$150

Plus IPONZ fee per class                                        


Correct Classification                                            NZ$100

Address For Service                                              NZ$100

Plus Postage and Handling costs                                                       

Response to IPONZ Report* - Substantive                                 NZ$500 

Response to IPONZ Report* - Minor                   NZ$250 

*Does not include preparation of Deeds or Statutory Declarations or any legal matters. For more information, see the Terms of Use below.