Trade Mark Application

The process of registering a trademark starts with making an application to the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ). The application is examined by the Trade Marks Examination Team to ensure it meets all legal requirements.

TRADEMARKZONE will manage the entire trade mark application filing process on your behalf. We will:

  1. Prepare your trade mark application and classify your goods and services
  2. File your application electronically with IPONZ within 24 hours of receiving your application
  3. Check and forward a copy of the IPONZ Filing Receipt
  4. Where the IPONZ Trade Marks Examiner issues an initial Compliance Report raising objections to the registration of the trade mark, receive and forward a copy and an analysis of the Compliance Report
  5. Where the application is accepted, receive, check and forward notification of the official acceptance
  6. Monitor the application through the advertisement and opposition period
  7. Watch for issuance of the official Certificate of Registration
  8. Where the trade mark is registered, check and forward the official Certificate of Registration.

Our Price NZ$300 per trade mark
PLUS the IPONZ Fee NZ$150 per class

Where the application does not meet the requirements of the Trade Marks Act 2002, the Examination team will issue a Compliance Report which informs you which part of your application does not comply. You have the opportunity to respond to any of the issues raised in a Compliance Report up to twelve months from the date you make your application. Where IPONZ has issued a Compliance Report, we can respond to IPONZ on your behalf. For more information on our fee for this service, please see Response to Compliance Report.

Please note that once we have submitted your application to the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, no amendments may be made to the application. If you have any questions, or have made an error, please contact us immediately.

We Recommend

TRADEMARKZONE recommends that before you apply for your trade mark, you request a Search. This will give you an indication of whether anyone else has applied for or is using a similar mark to your own in New Zealand. Where you plan to file for your trade mark overseas, we recommend an International Search.

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